Observation by Roger Firth: Uranus & moons

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Steve Holmes


Roger Firth


2020 Dec 31 - 20:54


2022 Jan 08 - 23:59



  • Skywatcher 150PL on EQ3-2 mount with RA drive
  • Home-built electronic afocal finderscope plus x2 Barlow
  • ZWO034MC digital camera
  • Software - SharpCap 3.2; AutoStakkert 3.14; PaintShopPro7

1/15sec to 30sec



Target name

Uranus plus 4 moons


Uranus & moons

About this image

Image is a multi-composite of processed stacks of base images taken at a range of different exposures so as to be able to capture Uranus and the moons individually. It was not possible to use this technique to capture Miranda as it was, at the time of observation, too near to Uranus. The short exposure necessary to capture the planet was too brief to also capture Miranda, and the long exposure which would have been necessary to capture Miranda caused the image of the planet to expand so much it covered the place where Miranda would have been. The moons which are visible are (clockwise from Uranus) Umbriel, Oberon, Titania, Ariel. The object to the lower right of Oberon is a mag. 15.4 star.

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Paul Leyland
Paul Leyland, 2022 Jan 10 - 16:41 UTC

That has always been my problem trying to image Miranda. The other big-4 are easy by comparison.

Since my last attempt I have learned a lot more about background suppression and may give it another try later this year. You may wish to follow suit.

Nice work and good luck in the future!

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