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Observation by John Hughes: NGC2403

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John Hughes


John Hughes


2022 Jan 04 - 19:00


2022 Jan 10 - 20:31



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Field centre

RA: 07h36m
Dec: +65°34'
Position angle: +1°25'

Field size

1°45' × 1°18'

  • William Optics Z103 refractor
  • ZWO ASI1600mm Pro Cooled camera
  • Chroma 1.25” LRGB filters
  • SkyWatcher EQ6R-Pro mount

300s, Gain 139, Offset 30


North Essex

Target name




About this image

Located in the Northern constellation Camelopardalis, this intermediate spiral galaxy is approximately 10 million light years distant and 50,000 light years across. It includes a large number of star forming Hii regions that glow pink/red as the gas is energised by hot massive stars. 

NGC2403 is thought to be part of the M81 group of galaxies but was not catalogued by Charles Messier despite it being located close to both M81 and M82.
The galaxy is not only active in star production but has also had its fair share of bright supernovae as massive stars come to the end of their lives. There have been two such occurrences, SN 1954J and SN 2004dj, the latter being the brightest supernova discovered this century on 31 July 2004 at visual magnitude 11.2.
This image was captured on 4th January 2022 in LRGB. 20:20:20:20 subs with an exposure time of 5 minutes. Total integration time 6.6 hours.
Calibrated using Flats x 25, Dark Flats x 25 and Darks x 50.
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