Observation by Matt Williams: Three Day Solar Observation

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Matt Williams


Matt Williams


2022 Jan 12 - 11:32


2022 Jan 18 - 18:30


The Sun

  • Celestron Eclipsmart 8" white light full-aperture filter
  • Celestron CPC Deluxe 800 Edge HD
  • Celestron .7 Edge Focal Reducer
  • Celestron T adapter
  • Canon M100

Pontyberem, Wales

Target name

Solar active regions/blackspots


Three Day Solar Observation

About this image

A quick GIF of three images taken around the same time over three consecutive days tracking active regions and sunspots in white light.
I would've taken more, but for the clouds over the weekend.

For 'full disc' observations of the sun and the moon, I use a Celestron CPC Deluxe with a 800 'Edge HD' OTA, with a .7 Edge focal reducer.
The camera at the moment is a astro-modified Canon M100 coupled to the telescope with a Celestron 8” EdgeHD T adapter.
The video data is usually in .mp4 format, so I convert to .tif using Adobe Media Converter before opening into AS!3.
The finished stack is wavelet corrected Siril then polished in 'Adobe Lightroom Classic'.

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