Observation by Alex Pratt: Quadrantids 2022 Jan 3/4

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Alex Pratt


Alex Pratt


2022 Jan 03 - 17:26


2022 Jan 19 - 09:53



  • IMX291 IP board camera 6mm f/0.95 lens
  • Raspberry Pi4
  • RMS software

25 frames/sec


Leeds, West Yorkshire (Bortle 7)

Target name

Quadrantids 2022 Jan 3/4


Quadrantids 2022 Jan 3/4

About this image

The brief Quadrantid maximum was expected on the evening of January 3. This composite image from one of my north-facing cameras recorded 4 QUAs between 17:26 and 17:30. Cloud encroached and I recorded another 3 between 19:12 and 20:22, then heavy cloud persisted until 6 am giving 3 more QUAs.

My other RMS and UFO cameras obtained patchy coverage of the Quadrantids' peak, their various alignment azimuths capturing different numbers of QUAs. 

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