Observation by Richard Sargent: Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555

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Richard Sargent


Richard Sargent


2022 Jan 27 - 19:07


2022 Jan 29 - 16:54



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Field centre

RA: 04h21m
Dec: +19°31'
Position angle: -4°13'

Field size

0°19' × 0°16'

  • C14 at f7 and Atik 460EX camera

20 x 1 minute exposures

Target name

Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555


Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555

About this image

For comparison with my image of 20th January.

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Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2022 Jan 29 - 17:01 UTC

Nice image. That looks like part of it is currently very bright.

Looked at the trend a couple of days ago. T Tauri is fading slowly so, in time, we will be able to more easily spot the nebulosity close in to the star as well. 

EDIT: Just started imaging it and yes, this brightening is dramatic. Obvious in a single 20s frame.

Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2022 Jan 29 - 17:07 UTC

Hi Richard,

That's impressive...a clear change in just a week!

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