Observation by Nick Hewitt: Hind's variable nebula varying!

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Nick Hewitt


Nick Hewitt


2022 Feb 01 - 21:50


2022 Feb 02 - 08:58


Hind's Variable Nebula

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Field centre

RA: 04h21m
Dec: +19°32'
Position angle: +9°25'

Field size

0°18' × 0°15'

  • iTelescope 18 0.32-m f8 PlaneWave reflector

3 x 300s. Cropped.


Nerpio. Spain

Target name



Hind's variable nebula varying!

About this image

Recent marked activity has been well documented by Richard Sargent and others. After years of relative quiescence, this variable nebula (the first to be discovered) is rapidly changing. More monitoring is encouraged while Taurus is available.

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Mike Harlow
Mike Harlow, 2022 Feb 02 - 14:46 UTC

Nice image Nick. 

Something that nobody seems to have noticed is that the image of T Tau isn't circular.  Other stars in the field are, but in this image and many others, e.g. by Grant and Richard, T Tau is noticeably asymmetric (extended North-West to South-East).  This hints at some bright nebulosity very close to the star.  Maybe some cleaver image processing could pick this out from the glare of the star (Nik S ???).


Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt, 2022 Feb 02 - 22:20 UTC

This is possibly Burnham's nebula although this was first said to be south of T Tauri. It was noted by S.W. Burnham and my detailed knowledge is lacking - I'll need to check up on this. Thanks for pointing it out.

Nick James
Nick James, 2022 Feb 02 - 23:06 UTC

I've processed my image from Jan 31 to try to show this nebulosity very close to the star. There is a clear, crescent-like structure hidden in this glare.

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