Observation by Graham Roberts: SH2-261 Lower's Nebula

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Graham Roberts


Graham Roberts


2022 Jan 20 - 21:00


2022 Mar 10 - 12:26


Sharpless 261

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 06h09m
Dec: +15°44'
Position angle: +91°53'

Field size

2°07' × 1°25'


Redhill, Surrey


SH2-261 Lower's Nebula

About this image

Lower’s Nebula is situated in the outer regions of the Orion constellation, visually between Betelgeuse and Propus in Gemini.  It mainly consists of HII ionized gas which is thought to be energised by the runaway bright star HD41997 at the centre, which is adjacent to a mysterious small bluish triangular object and a much fainter blue bubble, seen better in higher resolution images.

Clear skies were unusually plentiful here at Fairvale Observatory during January, which allowed for some 17-hours of integration time, albeit mostly accompanied by a waxing to full moon.  The data lends itself to various processing approaches and I played around for a long while with different combinations, in the end favouring an SHO + HOO blend as the main image.

For further background information & imagimg details please refer to my webnsite here: https://watchthisspaceman.wordpress.com/2022/03/09/hidden-treasures/


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