Observation by Grant Privett: NGC1333

Uploaded by

Grant Privett


Grant Privett


2022 Jan 05 - 21:00


2022 Mar 10 - 22:30



Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 03h29m
Dec: +31°23'
Position angle: -176°49'

Field size

0°34' × 0°28'

  • 300mm f/4 Newtonian
  • NEQ6
  • Trius 694 mono

180x 30s


Near Salisbury

Target name




About this image

I lost 56GB of data accidentally a couple of days ago so the date and exposure length of this picture are entirely guesswork. Sorry!  

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Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt, 2022 Mar 11 - 11:30 UTC

If you locate lost data, please forward to me! Nick

Richard Sargent
Richard Sargent, 2022 Mar 11 - 16:40 UTC

A lovely image Grant. The VN next to HBC340 & HBC341 is well shown in the upper left quadrant of the image.

Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2022 Mar 13 - 19:34 UTC

Richard: is that the downward facing fan-shaped patch? I was struck by the nebula at 2 o'clock from the star being slightly brighter than neighbouring bits of nebula. The other lobe of a polar flow?

Nick: Have found the final FITS file - on a memory stick that proved to small for everything I wanted to transfer. Is that what you wanted? Happy to put file on OneDrive or similar if its any use to you.

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