Observation by Steve Knight: ISS transits 11.5 day old moon

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Steve Knight


Steve Knight


2022 Mar 15 - 01:23


2022 Mar 15 - 19:31


The Moon

  • Starwave 70mm f/6 doublet
  • ZWO ASI290MM camera
  • Skywatcher AZ-GTI mount
  • 642nm bandpass filter

0.15 ms, gain 300 (50%)


Earl Shilton

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ISS transits 11.5 day old moon

About this image

I spotted that the ISS was transiting the moon for 1.01 seconds and it was clear.

The only issue was that it was 80 km away.  As it was clear and I was in a motivated mood I headed North East towards Leicester arriving about 12.45am.

Biggest concern was that the owners of the house next to my observing layby might call the police but I was not disturbed.

Pleased with the result as I was using a 70mm refractor on a camera tripod.  OK the AZ-GTI helped (a lot).

ISS was 659 km from me.  You can see it close to Vallis Snellius on the right.  It was in the Earths shadow so only visible against the moon.

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