Observation by Richard Sargent: Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555

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Richard Sargent


Richard Sargent


2022 Mar 14 - 20:32


2022 Mar 15 - 20:28



  • C14 at f7 and Atik 460EX camera

20 x 1 minute exposures for each frame

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Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555


Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555

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Subtle changes have continued to the nebula SW of the star T Tauri. This animation includes images from 11 nights in the period from 27th January to 14th March when I was able to image the nebula. There is a short pause after the last frame before the sequence repeats. The start frame from 27th January shows a bright spot just SW of the star. That then disappears but a similar bright spot returns by 14th March. 

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Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2022 Mar 15 - 23:15 UTC

Nice series!

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