Observation by Davide Pistritto: Campanus and Mercator surroundings

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Davide Pistritto


Davide Pistritto


2022 Mar 13 - 19:29


2022 Mar 22 - 01:38


The Moon

  • Vixen VMC260L
  • ASI 178MM
  • Baader R+IR

Bari, Italy

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Campanus and Mercator surroundings

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During my session, my sight was kidnapped by this area.

Kies, on the eastern side of the frame has been partly fulfilled by basalts.

The complexity of rilles all over this area is astonishing and counterbalanced by some dorsae in the west in the Mare Humorum and by many superb craters: Vitello, Hippalus, Ramsden, Capuanus and Chicus, alongside with Capuanus and Mercator.

They all surrounds the Palus Epidemiarum, a small area from Imbrian period of 300 kilometers dimension.

In the middle of the palus, you can see a peculiar crater, Marth, with a concentric double walls on the inside.

Its dimensions are 7 kilometers diameter.

In the southern part of the border of Marth, you can see a tiny craterlet, with a real dimension of about 700 meters.


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