Observation by Alan Thomas: William Herschel's 40' Telescope

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Alan Thomas


Alan Thomas


2022 Apr 03 - 10:49


2022 Apr 09 - 20:46


The Earth

  • Samsung Galaxy A21s

Herschel Museum, Bath, Somerset, UK

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William Herschel's 40' Telescope


William Herschel's 40' Telescope

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Another image of the magnificent scale model of William Herschel's iconic 40' telescope, located at the Herschel Museum, 19 New King Street, Bath, Somerset, UK. Can any amateur astronomer fail to identify with Herschel, a man who made his own telescopes, made his observations from his garden (in Bath and Slough), and who not only discovered a planet (Uranus) but attempted to map the structure of our galaxy? Assisted, of course, by his devoted sister, Caroline, a formidable observational Astronomer in her own right. Herschel's ambitious vision and dogged determination in the face of obstacles we can barely appreciate, marks him out, for me at least, as an astronomical hero.

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