Observation by Brad Thomas: UGC 5470 Leo 1 Galaxy

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Brad Thomas


Brad Thomas


2022 Apr 14 - 23:06


2022 Apr 16 - 23:17


Leo 1

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 10h09m
Dec: +12°10'
Position angle: +179°38'

Field size

1°56' × 1°16'

  • Skywatcher 72ed APO with 0.85 Reducer / Flattener
  • ASI 183mc pro
  • WO 50mm guide scope
  • ASI 290mc guide camera
  • DSD field rotator
  • Optolong L-Pro filter

120secs x 150gain x 30 offset - 450 exposures


Surbiton UK

Target name

UGC 5470


UGC 5470 Leo 1 Galaxy

About this image

I really tried to get this done for the march observers challenge - sadly missed it

This was really tough from where I live in London - Bortle 8

I captured 26 hours total but there was so much noise and light pollution, my final stack was almost useless - and currently don't dither so there is walking noise as well

After trying to process it in different ways - the end result was far below what i would be happy with

I finally relented and decided to stack less hoping that the noise and light pollution would have some less affect

Luckily it did and here it is - 15 hours integration

Also found in this image are the galaxies NGC3134 @ 235 Million Light Years, IC591 @ 130Million Light Years, and NGC3153 @ 115 Million Light Years

London Bortle 8

Skywatcher 72ed with 0.85 reducer flattener
ASI 183mc pro -10deg
WO 50mm guide scope
ASI 290mc guide camera
DSD Field Rotator
Optolong L-Pro
Skywatcher EQM-35 pro mount
NINA, PHD2, APP, Pixinsight
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