Observation by David Strange: Storytelling under the Stars

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David Strange


David Strange


2022 May 07 - 21:00


2022 May 08 - 11:24


The Earth


Salcombe Regis, East Devon


Storytelling under the Stars

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After two years of lockdown it is good to resume our public outreach events again. We were blessed with clear skies and a warm evening for our Sunset Walk and Storytelling under the Stars event on Saturday 7th May at the Norman Lockyer Observatory. This free to attend open evening was kindly sponsored by Active Devon and was well attended by 80+ visitors. After a walk out to Salcombe clifftop with fine views over Lyme Bay, we listened to constellation myths from storyteller Janet Dowling. As the sky darkened we put on a real sky planetarium show and showed visitors the 6 day old Moon and some of the best globular star clusters.

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Nick James
Nick James, 2022 May 10 - 18:59 UTC

Why is the thumbnail for this image upside down? Is it a strange feature of the plate solving algorithm?

David Strange
David Strange, 2022 May 10 - 21:12 UTC

Well, it correctly plate solved planet Earth, I guess it thought it was from the Antipodes.

Dominic Ford
Dominic Ford, 2022 May 11 - 00:31 UTC

Sorry for the upside down teaser, folks.

When I wrote the script that generates the teaser images, it looks like I forgot to pass the "-auto-orient" argument to ImageMagick. Without that argument it ignores any EXIF headers which specify that the image should be displayed in a different orientation from how it's stored on disk.

I'll fix it when I get a moment.

I guess a related question is why David was apparently holding the camera upside down when he took the photo! ;-)

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