Observation by Alan Thomas: Partial Solar Eclipse 1996 Drawings

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Alan Thomas


Alan Thomas


1996 Oct 12 - 14:57


2022 May 24 - 16:44


The Sun

  • Ottway Orion 4" Newtonian Reflector

Bolton, Lancashire, UK.

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The Sun


Partial Solar Eclipse 1996 Drawings

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Another item from the archive (or, if you prefer, a Blast from the Past).

These drawings of a partial solar eclipse were made between 12.59 and 14.57 on 1996 October 12 with the help of my eleven-year old son using a shoe-box lid as a projection screen. Also I had earlier made a pin-hole projector from the shoe-box which yielded an image about 1/4" in diameter.

I noted that: "The 4" is very handy for solar work since the aperture is small and the open tube design means you can align the telescope with the Sun by positioning the shadow of the flat on the centre of the main mirror. . . . The drawings somewhat underestimate the 'cusp' effect. . . . A very enjoyable afternoon's observing."

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