Observation by Tim Haymes: C/2021 O3 and NGC 2336

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Tim Haymes


Tim Haymes


2022 May 24 - 23:13


2022 May 25 - 13:38



  • C11 at F6 + EQ8
  • SW 80mm F5 + DSIpro guider
  • SMP/EQMOD/Sharpcap/AstroArt

60s x 15


N Oxfordshire

Target name

Comet 2021 O3 cloud


C/2021 O3 and NGC 2336

About this image

The comet position was obtained from the Minor Planet Ephemeris service. It was near NGC2336. The galaxy was imaged, but the comet was not in frame. So i offset about half a frame and took a second image with the comet. The cloud is dispersing slowly.  Sharpcap is used to drive this camera.  A master dark was subtracted during aquisition, and a fresh flat frame taken in the morning,  Frames were re-stacked in DSS, and post-processed in Astro Art.  Image Composite Editor (Microsoft ICE) formed the mosiac.

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