Observation by Mark Lonsdale: The approach of Mars 2022: March -May

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Mark Lonsdale


Mark Lonsdale


2022 Jun 10 - 07:15


2022 Jun 10 - 07:29



  • C14 Edge HD
  • ZWO290MM camera and EFW with RGB filters


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The approach of Mars 2022: March -May

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I am fascinated by Mars and every opposition since 2016, when I began imaging seriously, I have put together a compilation of images to show it growing in size and changing with the seasons as it approaches (the 2016 images are pretty bad!). 

I had hoped to start this year by imaging from about February, but wet weather and a very large hedge (now trimmed) intervened.  These are the best of the images so far, with Mars increasing from a minute 4.9 to a still tiny 6.2 arcsecs.   Unfortunately, this opposition will not see Mars grow as large as in 2018 (24 arcsecs) or 2020 (22 arcsecs): only 17 arcsecs, and it will not rise very high at opposition here in Canberra.  But I am aiming to make the best of things, and will add compilations of several months at a time as the images come available.

You can see the influence of a dust storm in Hellas (the giant impact crater at 30-50 degrees South) in early May that pervaded the atmosphere to the West and caused a loss of contrast; the Southern Polar Cap is steadily diminishing as the southern solstice approaches.



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Davide Pistritto
Davide Pistritto, 2022 Jun 11 - 09:07 UTC

That is a great early work for the approach of the red planet for this apparition!

Mark Lonsdale
Mark Lonsdale, 2022 Jun 12 - 01:06 UTC

Thank you very much Davide! Unfortunately we are now in a period of clouds and poor seeing so I have not made a decent image since 22 May.  But I remain hopeful.

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