Observation by Graham Roberts: Barnard 22 Dark Nebula

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Graham Roberts


Graham Roberts


2022 Feb 06 - 18:30


2022 Jun 12 - 14:31


The Taurus Dark Cloud (Barnard 22)

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Field centre

RA: 04h39m
Dec: +26°00'
Position angle: -88°53'

Field size

2°31' × 1°53'

Target name



Barnard 22 Dark Nebula

About this image

Just east of the Pleiades star cluster within the northern Milky Way, lies the dark region of the Taurus Molecular Cloud (TMC), which at 430 light years is the nearest star-forming region to Earth.  Early this year, for the first time I decided to image the dark nebula Barnard 22, an iconic section of the TMC formed by a complex mass of dark stardust that appears to hang within the vast surrounding starfield.  Also noteworthy in the final image, just off centre is the small flame-shaped reflection nebula IC2087.

For further background, technical & image information please refer to my website here:  https://watchthisspaceman.wordpress.com/2022/06/10/veil-of-darkness/




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Simon Paul Davis
Simon Paul Davis, 2022 Jun 13 - 07:37 UTC

beautiful picture! we dont see enough dark nebulae. How long where your LRGB exposures?

Graham Roberts
Graham Roberts, 2022 Jun 17 - 19:22 UTC

Thank you Simon. 

The RGB subs were 20 x 300 sec each and 120 x 180 sec luminance; I also captured +6-hours of 10-minute luminance exposures but found they were a bit overcooked, so went with the 180sec instead.  

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