Observation by Grant Privett: Knowlton Henge

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Grant Privett


Grant Privett


2022 Jul 04 - 01:00


2022 Jul 04 - 13:13


The Milky Way
The Earth

  • Canon M3 + 15-85mm lens
  • Tripod

15s x30 ISO3200


Knowlton, Cranborne AONB

Target name

Milky Way


Knowlton Henge

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We returned to Knowlton to try to get a decent shot of the summer Milky Way with a nice silhouette in front. The problem is the sky isn't dark this time of year and about 8miles to the south lies Bournemouth. The light pollution from that is hideous and caused huge problems for the processing. I will try Sequator software soon, but am seeing how far I can get without it.

Had hoped we might see some glimmers of NLCs, but no luck. Did get to see Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in a row, but went home before Venus rose.

The drive home was punctuated by a large suicidal owl playing chicken with an estate car at 50mph. Happily, nothing was coming the other way and I could swerve.

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Jeremy Shears
Jeremy Shears, 2022 Jul 04 - 18:30 UTC

Cracking image Grant. Very atmospheric 

Grant Privett
Grant Privett, 2022 Jul 05 - 21:51 UTC

Thanks for that. Looking at it now I think I probably overcooked it a little. Also, I can see where some cirrus drifted across the frame about half way up. There was a lot of it about that evening. A nice night out standing under the stars though.



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