Observation by Kevin Gurney: Barnard's E Nebula

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Kevin Gurney


Kevin Gurney


2022 Jul 07 - 23:39


2022 Jul 10 - 09:47


Barnard 142
Barnard 143

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Field centre

RA: 19h41m
Dec: +10°48'
Position angle: +0°41'

Field size

2°03' × 1°36'

  • Fornax 102
  • William Optics Star71
  • ZWO ASI1600MM pro
  • Baader LRGB Filters
  • Atik EFW2
  • SX Lodestar X2

68 x 30s subs, bin 1x1, gain 0


Charente, France

Target name

Barnard's E nebula


Barnard's E Nebula

About this image

I chose to use short exposures here as the nebula is largely defined by the absence of stars compared to a densely populated surround. Long subs would have resulted in more bloated and saturated stars. A more exacting strategy might be to combine with some longer subs to get the texture within the nebula... Acquired in Voyager and processed in PI.

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