Observation by Grant Privett: Egg Nebula

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Grant Privett


Grant Privett


2022 Jul 29 - 00:30


2022 Jul 31 - 23:58

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Field centre

RA: 21h02m
Dec: +36°41'
Position angle: +2°41'

Field size

0°10' × 0°09'

  • 300mm f/4 Newtonian
  • Trius 694 mono
  • NEQ6+Rowan Band Drive

47x 30s


Near Salisbury

Target name

Egg Nebula


Egg Nebula

About this image

Until I saw Dave Strange's image of this last week, I had assumed this object too small to be worthwhile, but I gave it a go. Obviously, the result isn't what the Hubble Space Telescope sees (well worth Googling) but then again our budgets are rather different.

Tolerably happy with the collimation following moving the mirror 40mm up the tube- to allow an OAG to be used. Star images are certainly cleaner. Now I need to buy some filters....

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