Observation by Jim Tomney: Mars 2022-08-09

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Jim Tomney


Jim Tomney


2022 Aug 09 - 09:00


2022 Aug 12 - 07:28



  • 25cm f/6 Newtonian
  • 2.5x TeleVue PowerMate
  • ZWO ASI178MC camera

Towson, MD US

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Mars 2022-08-09

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Made a 30-minute imaging run on Mars after wrapping up my Jupiter session. Seeing was better at the outset and the image here represents processing on the first 8 minutes of capture (4 x 2min derotated).

S. Sabaeus and S. Meridiani are featured prominently, and trailing the latter is Margaritifer Sinus with a peninsula-like Oxia Palus jutting off it to the north, butting up against Niliacus Lacus in the far northwest. The SPC hangs on, and as usual I’m getting a very bright morning limb arc that generates a bit of a ring artifact when processing to get the albedo features to have good contrast.

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