Observation by Duncan Hale-Sutton: Partial Solar Eclipse 25th October 2022

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Duncan Hale-Sutton


Duncan Hale-Sutton


2022 Oct 25 - 09:45


2022 Oct 25 - 11:20


The Sun

  • Opticron 8x24 binoculars

Neatishead, Norfolk

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The Sun


Partial Solar Eclipse 25th October 2022

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I didn't have much time to get anything properly set up, so just used a quick projection with binoculars. This was taken about 15 mins before mid eclipse from where we are (Norwich mid eclipse was predicted to be 10:00 UT according to the BAA challenge article). I have measured the percentage obscuration (the percentage area of the sun covered by the moon) at this time to be 15%.

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