Observation by Richard Francis: Arp 302 and Arp 177

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Richard Francis


Richard Francis


2024 May 10 - 23:30


2024 May 18 - 12:00


Arp 302

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 14h56m
Dec: +24°36'
Position angle: +90°10'

Field size

0°18' × 0°25'

  • Officina Stellare U-CRC 360
  • Moravian C5A 100M
  • Paramount ME II

63 x 300s evenly spread across LRGB filters (5.25 hours)


La Romieu, SW France

Target name

Arp 302 and many other galaxies


Arp 302 and Arp 177

About this image

This is the Object of Interest for May 2024. I imaged it over 3 nights, 9 , 10 and 11 May (it's been cloudy since). The last night (10-11 May) had notable light pollution from the intense aurora that night, visible both on the all-sky camera and the SQM meter, where the SQM drops from 21.28 down to a minimum level of 20.36 mag/sq arc-sec at 00:36 (CET) before partially recovering.

I have severely cropped the image due to the small size of the object: this is only 10% of the original frame. But I kept a number of other galaxies in the cropped part, including the edge-on PGC53376 and the apparently interacting PGC53371 and PGC53372 (both near the bottom of the frame)

postscript: I just checked my "Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies" and indeed that is Arp 177. So, 2 Arps in one image ;-)

Processed in PixInsight (and cropped in Photoshop)

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