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Richard Petrie

I've been a member of the BAA for a number of years, but not so actively involved in observing up until now.  Now that our local streetlights are turned off at midnight I hope to do a lot more.  I have several scopes including a Celestron Ultima 100 which I use when travelling (which I do a lot due to my day job), a Konus, Konusmotor 500 4" Newtonian which was my first scope and has proved useful for the children to use, and my pride and joy an 8" Orion Optics Newtonian on a GP mount and a wooden stand (I like wooden stands!).  The Orion Optics scope has been modified to incorporate a 2" eyepiece with fine adjustment, a telrad finder, mirror/outside temperature monitoring and 3 cooling fans.  The GP mount has RA/DEC motors.  In my day job I am an engineer and so like tinkering with equipment; I have a number of telescope related projects in mind which I will get onto when I have time (you know how that goes :-)).

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