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Peter Carson

My interest in the night sky started at school, not by learning about astronomy but from optics. In a physics lesson the class made a crude telescope. My mates used it to spy on the girls’ school on the other side of the road and I used it to look at the Moon!

During the late 70’s and 80’s I observed and photographed everything astronomical. Then came a wife, kids and a career. Nowadays my astronomical passion has returned with vengeance.

My astronomical interests extend to most things except the Moon which should be blasted out of orbit for causing light pollution.

Comets are intriguing things that entice me out with my telescope and CCD camera almost every clear night. That's also landed me with the role of CCD Imaging Advisor for the BAA Comet Section.

I just wish there was a very tall mountain in SE Essex where I could put a telescope above the clouds.

Local society membership: Castle Point Astronomy Club near Hadleigh Essex


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