Maps of Jupiter and its moons

As Jupiter is now high in the evening sky, you may like to look at some recent maps of the planet which we have posted on the BAA Jupiter Section web site, to illustrate the interesting features and events over this apparition.  Some were compiled by individual observers from their own images; the others were compiled by Marco Vedovato of the JUPOS team from images by many observers.


You can see the full picture here:

Also, we have posted maps of the Galilean moons, from spacecraft, with the major features labelled.  The best amateur images can now record a few of these features (see our 2011 report  no.2 for superb examples)!  Thanks to Bjorn Jonsson and to the USGS for the base maps.

You can see the maps here:

Jupiter is still high enough for good observations, which the BAA will be happy to receive.  And even naked-eye observers can enjoy the view of the planet in the evening twilight, especially as it will be alongside Venus for several days around March 15.

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