Spectacular aurorae seen in the last week

One of John’s images from the M/S Midnatsol on January 24/25

The Sun has been very active this past week and John Mason, who is currently in Norway, reports that spectacular aurorae have been seen over the last few days. The images here were taken on the night of January 24/45. John writes:

I took a total of 508 images that night using a Canon EOS 450D with 10 mm
f/2.8 Sigma fish-eye.  All images were at 1600 ISO with exposure times
ranging from 1s to 15s during the night, depending on the brightness of
the auroral structures being imaged and the steadiness of the ship at the
time. During the most active part of the display exposures ranged from 1s
to 6s.

During the auroral display, I was observing from the aft of deck 9 on the
Hurtigruten ship M/S Midnatsol, which was sailing roughly northwards from
Tromsø to Oksfjord, via Skjervøy at the time.

There are more of John’s spectacular images below and John even made the Washington Post.

Jan 24/25 1824UT.

Jan 24/25 2012UT

Jan 24/25 2331UT

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