The Transit of Venus

Pictures of the Transit are arriving from members of the BAA. Although the weather was generally poor a surprising number of members managed some sort of view of the event.

If you saw the Transit, please send your observations to the Venus section ( and to our Picture Editor ( for our Transit Gallery.

Here are a couple of pictures from Peter Edwards and Maurice Gavin.

Peter Edwards – June 6 2012, 0438 UT

Peter writes:

I got up at 4.30am BST, the sky was promising but there was clouds low down in the NE where the sun was rising. Still I stayed out, took a few photos of horses in the next field to me and a few cloud pics, then suddenly at around 05.35 BST the Sun broke through for a couple of minutes between the clouds and I managed to capture the attached image.  I did manage to get two images, but this was the best one. The clouds actually add a bit of atmosphere (no pun etc). The image was taken with a Canon SX210 compact camera at max x14 zoom on a tripod, I think the exposure was 1/1250 sec at f/ 5.9 so I am doubly pleased to have got such a sharp image. I enlarged, cropped and tweaked in Photoshop.

Maurice Gavin – June 6 2012 04 49 UT

You can also watch Maurice’s video on YouTube: Maurice Gavin

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