SN 2014J

Spectrum of the supernova obtained by David Boyd.A bright supernova has been discovered in M82 by Steve Fossey and a team of students at London’s Mill Hill Observatory. Many people imaged and viewed the SN in the week before discovery but did not recognise it as a new object.

The SN was dicovered with the ULO 35-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at Mill Hill, London, on 2014 Jan. 21.80UT. It is located at: RA 9h 55m 42.14s DEC +69 40′ 26.0″ (2000), 54″ west and 21″ south of the galaxy’s centre. Pre-discovery magnitudes: K. Itagaki, Japan; 0.50-m reflector; 14.559, [17.0 (Itagaki); 15.571, 14.4 (Itagaki; pre-discovery image); 16.641, 13.9 (Itagaki; pre-discovery image); 17.612, 13.3 (Itagaki; pre-discovery image); 19.618, 12.2 (Itagaki; pre- discovery image); 20.620, 11.9 (Itagaki; pre-discovery image); 21.818, V = 11.7 (Fossey); 22.150, B = 12.96, V = 11.68, Rc = 11.04, Ic = 10.63.

The SN is still brightening and I had it at V=11.26, Rc=10.50, Ic=10.00 on January 24.0.SN 2014J on 2014 Jan 24.0

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