Jupiter on the eve of the Juno mission

With NASA’s Juno spacecraft due to enter orbit around Jupiter on July 5, the BAA Jupiter Section has posted a report on Jupiter’s atmospheric features in June, 2016.  It gives more general background than usual, for the benefit of readers who are not familiar with the planet’s curiosities.  We hope the maps and images therein will help anyone who wants to understand what is going on on the planet.  It also gives useful links for further information.  The report is on the Jupiter Section web page at:



When the spacecraft begins routine operations in November, amateur images will play a significant role in showing what is happening in regions viewed by its microwave radiometer, and in deciding what features should be targetted by its JunoCam imager.  Details are on the JunoCam web pages at:


Excerpts from some of the maps in the new report:

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