Election 2018 – the results

The ballot counted on October 23 had two components: the usual paper ballot and the new online system created by the Electoral Reform Society. Combined results were as follows:

President: Callum Potter 522
Vice President: Jeremy Shears ex officio
Treasurer: Geoff King 501
Business Secretary: William Tarver 494
Papers Secretary: Jeremy Shears 502
Meetings Secretary: Hazel Collett 512

Elected Trustees:

Nick Hewitt 360
David Arditti 329
Alan Lorrain 282
Janice McClean 275
Richard McKim 254

Elected to Council:

Paul Abel 359
David Boyd 302
Tim Parsons 275
Peta Bosley 261
Owen Brazell 248

Total valid votes: 587

Many thanks to the scrutineers.

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