Rare asteroid occultation visible Monday, Oct 29

The 125-km wide main belt asteroid (156) Xanthippe will occult a 12th magnitude star in Aquila as seen from parts of southern UK and northern Europe on the evening of Monday, October 29th at 19:19:13s UT (prediction for Reading, Berkshire).

Observers should aim to record/monitor the star from 2 minutes before to 2 minutes after the expected mid-time i.e. 19:17-19:21 UT.
Maximum duration of the occultation is expected to be about 7 seconds.
Finder charts are available via the above link.
The star is UCAC4-409-131091 (R=11.9, V=12.5)
RA(2000): 20 28 11.61 Dec(2000) -08 13 04.5
(aka GSC 5754 0239)

More details and map of shadow track on the ARPS frontpage:


Fingers crossed re. the weather,

Richard Miles

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