Observing Highlights for Mercury and Venus – a video from Pete Lawrence and Paul G. Abel

Venus has been a prominent object in our evening skies, and will continue to be so until it reaches inferior conjunction on 3rd June. In this video, Mercury and Venus Section Director Paul G. Abel speaks with Pete Lawrence about some of the techniques involved in imaging the planet in both UV and IR. Now is a good time to try and capture the nightside of Venus using IR imaging and Pete gives some practical tips on how to do this during May and June.

Later in May, both inferior planets will lie close together in the evening sky and we discuss the best times to catch this conjunction. Finally we look at the upcoming occultation event on 19th June whereby the Moon will pass in front of Venus in the morning sky.

The next few months is going to be a good time to observe Mercury and Venus – join Pete and Paul for all of the details.

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