VSS Circular 189, September 2021

The September 2021 Variable Star Section Circular, number 189, is available for download here.

Many thanks to all our contributors and to our Editor, Gary Poyner.


From the Director

Autumn Miras 

200k visual observers – John Toone and Peter Williams

Books from a bygone era with links to observers of the early years of the BAA Variable Star Section – Jeremy Shears

Uploading observations:  Making sure you are using recognised sequence names – Tracie Louise Heywood

 Investigating ‘Stray’ estimates in BAAVSS light curves – Tracie Louise Heywood

NSV 1178 is likely a “Dipper” Variable and a good target for Visual, Photometric and Spectroscopic monitoring – John Greaves 

CV & E news – Gary Poyner

Eclipsing Binary news – Des Loughney 

Observations of the Eclipsing Binaries BM Cas and V413 Aql, suggesting ongoing changes to their light curves – David Conner

Section Publications 

Contributing to the VSSC

Section Officers 

Jeremy Shears

Director, VSS

Image: RS Ophiuchi in outburst, August 09.557 UT 2021. iTel 0.51m CDK f4.4 – FLI PL09000 CCD 120 seconds luminance. Martin Mobberley, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

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