CPRE 2022 Star Count Results

The CPRE, the countryside charity have published the results of their 2022 Star Count.

This includes a useful interactive map where you can zoom in and out on the results.

This year over 2,500 people took part between 26 February and 6 March, with contributors asked to record the number of stars they could see in Orion. About half of participants recorded severe light pollution, defined as only being able to see 10 or few stars with the unaided eye. There is some good news. The percentage of participants recording severe light pollution has fallen for the past couple of years. This year 49% of participants recorded severe light pollution down from a peak of 61% in 2020, and compared to 54% in their first results from 2007. The CPRE speculate this improvement could be due to a combination of a ‘lockdown legacy’ with more home working leading to less lighting of big offices, and higher energy costs encouraging lighting to be turned off when it is not needed.

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