Observer’s Challenge – The Moon occults Uranus on 14th September 2022

This month sees the first occultation of Uranus by the Moon in 2022. The second occultation occurs on 5th December. This particular occultation takes place at approximately 10.27 to 11.20pm. The exact timings will depend on your own location.

For those who have never seen the planet Uranus or wish to observe again, this event provides an excellent opportunity, with binoculars or telescope, providing there’s no cloud coverage.  Uranus will be at 5.7 magnitude, thus visible to the naked eye in a suitably dark sky.

However you decide to observe or image this event, the Moon will provide an excellent pointer to the planet.

From my location in Somerset, Stellarium tells me that the Moon will begin occulting at around 22.28.10 to 22.28.21 as shown by the following two images.

The first shows Uranus just starting to go behind the Moon and the second shows it completely obscured.

Again, from my location, Uranus begins appearing again from behind the Moon at about 23.18.36 as shown below

Thus, as can be seen, this presents a golden opportunity to observe this enigmatic planet either for its own sake, or being occulted.

Please consider uploading any images, drawings or logbook entries to the members Gallery or submitting to the Lunar Section or the SaturnUranusNeptune Section, whose directors will be delighted to receive them to add to the archives.

In the event that you miss the event or are clouded out, there is another opportunity on the 5th December.

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