Recordings of our 2022 Summer Meeting in Nottingham

The recordings of the BAA Summer Meeting held in Nottingham on Saturday 25th June 2022 are available to watch on the BAA YouTube channel.

Please note we only have audio for the morning talks. The presenters of the morning talks have kindly given us PDF copies of their slides, so you can look at the slides while you listen to their talks.

Morning session
David Arditti Welcome and Medal Award – Audio recording
Prof Frazer Pearce Adventures in the Goldilocks Zone: the search for other Earths – Audio and slides
Prof Christopher Conselice – Origins: The universe to intelligent life and everything in between – Audio and slides

Afternoon session
James Dawson Nottingham Astronomical Society – Video
Prof Ofer Lahav “AI for exploring the dark universe” – Video
Julian Onions “Galaxies – One Gigayear at a time” – Video

BAA Section Updates
Nick James – The BAA Comet Section – Video
Mike Frost – The BAA Historical Section – Video

Galaxy image courtesy of NASA. The pair of spiral galaxies collectively known as Arp 303 imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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