Proposed alterations to the By-laws of the British Astronomical Association

This is to give notice (under the terms of Article of Association 33) that a Special General Meeting of the British Astronomical
Association will be held at 14:00 on Saturday 20 January 2024 at the Institute of Physics in London, to consider and vote on the
proposed alterations to the Association’s By-laws detailed below.

The principal effects of these proposals will be to:

(A) End the practice of members voting annually on the subscription rates for the next Session at a Special General Meeting

(B) Give the Board of Trustees the explicit authority to replace the traditional postal ballot for the Board of Trustees and
Council with an on-line ballot only, and

(C) Remove affiliated societies as a category of membership (though we will still have affiliated societies).

There are also some minor changes to clarify our procedures.

The changes to the text of the By-laws can be viewed in this PDF file.

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