Help shape the future of our Association

As part of this strategic process, and also to find out more about our membership, how they have experienced the BAA, and what they think about it, we have designed an online survey. This is separate from the survey relating to the Journal that was open in June and July, which could be filled in by anyone interested. The current survey is of BAA members only and is also designed to give us baseline demographic information about the membership that we currently lack. All the questions are optional, and the survey is anonymous.

We are offering a prize as an incentive for filling out the survey: either a £50 Amazon voucher or a year’s free membership. To be entered into the prize draw, you need to give an e-mail address, but this will not be linked with the answers to the questions.

I earnestly request all members to fill in the survey, and so do your part in shaping the future of our Association. To do so, visit . The survey will be open until Sep 30.

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