Observer’s Challenge: Moon occults Venus on 9 November 2023

On the morning of November 9th the thin waning crescent Moon (15% illuminated) will occult Venus (mag -4.4). The planet will disappear behind the bright limb (DB) and reappear at the dark limb (RD). The graphics show the event from Leeds.

The text file below lists the circumstances for many locations across Europe and the Middle East, etc. These are mid-times of the occultation and because of Venus’ diameter of ~ 20 arcsec the planet can take about 1 m 20 s to be occulted / reappear. (Computed using Occult).

The solar elongation will be 46 degrees. Even so, please take the usual precautions when observing this daylight event.

More details can be found in this article by Dr Paul G Abel, Direct of the Mercury and Venus Section.

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