Observer’s Challenge: Partial Lunar Eclipse on October 28

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There will be a small partial lunar eclipse visible from the UK (and many other places) on the evening of 2023 October 28.

The penumbral shadow of the Earth, which is hard to detect, makes contact with the Moon at 18:01 UT (19:01 BST). The umbral shadow of the Earth, which is easy to detect, and may be grey, brown or reddish, begins to impinge upon the Moon at at 19:35 UT (20:35 BST). Maximum eclipse, when the Moon is 12% covered with the umbra, occurs at 20:14 UT (21:14 BST), and the umbral eclipse ends at 20:53 UT (21:53 BST). The penumbral eclipse ends at 22:26 UT (23:26 BST). The Moon will be 25º high in the east at maximum eclipse, as seen from London.

It should be an interesting sight with the naked eye, binoculars or telescope. If you catch it, please post your observations, drawings or images to your members’ album.

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