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Supernova 2017ein discovered by Ron Arbour

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Supernova 2017ein discovered by Ron Arbour

Congratulations to Ron on his latest SN discovery in NGC 3938 on May 25.969 at mag 17.6

Spectroscopy showed in to be a Type 1c SN.

NGC 3938 is face on spiral in Ursa Major. A lovely target for imaging.

Well done Ron!

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Yes, many congratulations to

Yes, many congratulations to Ron. Here's an image of the new SN taken a couple of minutes ago.

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Joined: 28/12/2014 - 18:30
And another

I was struck by how obvious the 17th mag SN was, despite being seen against the spiral arm.

Taken with a Starlight Trius 694 and an Altair 10" RC. 8x 60s exposures centred on 224139UT on 26th May 2017.