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2012 TC4

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2012 TC4


Happy to report that I captured 2012 TC4, just before its closest approach to Earth. Please see the attachment and expand the image. Look at the dim triangle in the top left corner of each frame change shape, as the top corner moves. I'll put a better image together over the next few days. It was very windy at the observing spot I use for a southern aspect, so lots of the frames aren't great. I should thank JPL for their fantastic HORIZONS system which I used to generate accurate apparent (for my location specifically) RA/DEC for this object at 15min intervals!

Start of capture sequence was 20:02:31 UT; frames were 2s exposures. Here are frames 4, 16 and 27.

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Brilliant result  David. Shows  what can be done with a C8 and  skill.  Congratulations