Advanced Planetary Imaging Workshop – Postponed

Friday 19th Jun 202022:00

This will be a one-day workshop in London held jointly with the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA) on high speed video imaging of the planets. The day will include talks and discussion on stacking, alignment, quality sorting, noise reduction, equipment and the use of modern planetary processing software. There will be an emphasis on practical techniques and processes combined with discussions on the underlying principles as well as talks on how to best image particular planets. It will be expected that you will have already have some experience of planetary imaging but wish to take your imaging capabilities to the next level.

Registax screen

Organisers: David Arditti (Director, Equipment & Techniques Section), Martin Lewis (Equipment & Techniques Section & SPA)

Programme (Provisional)

09.30 Arrival and registration
10.00 David Arditti – Welcome and overview of modern planetary imaging
10.30 Martin Lewis – Why ‘lucky imaging’ works: stacking and noise and the gain-exposure dilemma solved

11.00 Tea break

11.20 Peter Edwards – The rise of one-shot colour imaging
11.40 Damian Peach – Focusing
12.00 David Arditti – Use of the atmospheric dispersion corrector
12.25 Simon Kidd – Planetary imaging cameras – how much better can they get?

12.45 Lunch

13.45 Emil Kraaikamp – Tips for quality sorting, stacking and wavelet processing
14:05 Chris Garry – Using PIPP to prepare your planetary videos
14.30 Damian Peach – Practicalities of remote imaging with the 1m Chiliescope

14.45 Tea

Room 1 – Workshops Session A

15.10 Chris Hooker – Techniques for IR imaging of Mercury
15.30 Simon Kidd – Techniques for UV/IR imaging of Venus
15:50 Martin Lewis – Techniques for IR imaging of the ice giants
16.10 Emil Kraaikamp – Possible future developments for Autostakkert!

Room 2 – Workshops Session B

15.10 David Arditti – Image derotation with WinJUPOS
15.40 Martin Lewis – Use of Astra Image deconvolution software
15.55 Simon Kidd – Use of noise reduction software
16.15 Chris Garry – AVIs versus SERs, and SER Player

16.30 Plenary session – questions to all the speakers
17:00 Close


Institute of Physics, 37 Caledonian road, London N1 9BU.

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Booking Information

This meeting has been postponed due to COVID-19.

The prices are £5 for BAA members, SPA members, members of BAA affiliated societies, IoP members and children under 16, and £10 for non-members. This price includes teas and coffees but not lunch.

We hope to record as much of the workshop as possible and make the material available on the E&T Section website later.