Adventures in the Goldilocks Zone – Webinar

Wednesday 10th Jun 202017:00

This week’s webinar will be Adventures in the Goldilocks Zone: the search for other Earths, by Prof Frazer Pearce of the University of Nottingham.

With over 4000 confirmed planets and many thousand more candidate objects new exoplanets are being discovered every day. I’ll discuss how these recent discoveries have influenced our ideas about the formation of our own Solar System via planetary migration and resonance.  After briefly discussing how exoplanets are discovered and their properties measured I’ll focus on the Trappist-1 system, which contains 7 Earth-like planets, 3 of which orbit within the Goldilocks zone. I’ll conclude with a brief summary of future exoplanet finder missions. 

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If you do not have access to a computer or have a problem with the above methods, then you can listen to the webinar on a phone, though you will pay for the call at your usual rate and you won’t have the benefit of seeing the presentation. A list of numbers can be found here, and you will need to key in the webinar id 548 739 039 to join.