BAA Winchester Webinar

Friday 9th Apr 202122:00

Due to Coronavirus this year’s Winchester Weekend is being held as a one day webinar.

Click here to join the meeting via Zoom:

For anyone who does not wish to join via Zoom or is unable to install the software, then we will also be streaming the webinar live on our BAA YouTube channel. Please note we have a capacity of 100 attendees in the Zoom webinar, so if you join once we have reached this capacity you will be directed to our YouTube livestream.

Pete and Paul

Afternoon session

14.00 Introduction – Alan Dowdell
14.05 Pete and Paul’s Astronomical Challenges 2021
           Dr Paul Abel & Pete Lawrence (BAA & Sky at Night)

15.00 Break

Dr David Brown

15.15 BAA Exoplanets Division
           Organiser: Roger Dymock (ARPS Assistant Director, Exoplanets)
15.30 Characterising ExOplanets Satellite mission – CHEOPS
           Dr David Brown (University of Warwick Research Fellow)

16.30 Close meeting

Evening Session – The Alfred Curtis Lecture

Dr Jessie Christiansen

19.30 Introduction – Alan Lorrain (BAA President)
           On an Exoplanet Far, Far Away
           Dr Jessie Christiansen
           (NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, California Institute of Technology)

Jessie has worked on many NASA planet-hunting projects, including the EPOXI, Kepler and TESS missions. For her work on uncovering how common planets are throughout the Galaxy with the Kepler mission, she was awarded the 2019 NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal.