BAA Winchester Weekend

Friday 5th Apr 201917:00 - Sunday 7th Apr 201913:00

The Alfred Curtis Lecture, Exploring the atmosphere of Mars with the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission, will be given by Dr Manish Patel.

Sparsholt College

The programme includes:

Prof Brad Gibson – Are We Alone in the Universe?

Prof Bill Chaplin – The NASA TESS Mission: Opening an all-sky window on exoplanets and stars

Dr Suzie Imber – The BepiColombo Mission to Mercury

Prof Andrew Norton – The Variable Star Zoo as seen by SuperWASP

Dr Jenny Shipway – AstroBoost: supporting Astronomical Societies’ public engagement work

Prof Tim Horbury – Exploring the Sun: Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter


Dr Paul Abel & Pete Lawrence’s 2019 Astronomical Challenges

Mars Section Meeting


Sparsholt College, Westley Lane, Sparsholt, Hampshire, S021 2NF

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Booking Information

All attendees must pre-book by telephoning the BAA Office on 207 734 4145 between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Prices as follows:

  • BAA Members £220
  • Non-BAA Members £250
  • Friday day visitor no meals £23
  • Friday day visitor with dinner £39
  • Saturday day visitor with lunch £49
  • Saturday day visitor with lunch and dinner £70
  • Sunday with lunch £38