Deep Sky Zoom

Thursday 28th Sep 2023 19:30 - 21:00

Galaxy cluster Abell 1656 by Graham Winstanley

An on-line meeting of the Deep Sky Section will be held on September 28th from 19:30 BST.

You can watch the recording of this webinar on the BAA YouTube channel.


19:30 – Welcome and preamble
19:35 – Owen Brazell – Galaxy Groups for the Autumn
20:05 – David Strange – Barnard and his dark nebulae (with a Redcat)
20:35 – Grant Privett – Observing local group galaxies
21:05 – Any short contributions from the floor
21:15 – Close

All welcome to attend.

The event will be held as a Zoom webinar with a livestream to the BAA YouTube channel and is open to all.

Please follow this link to join the webinar:

Watch on the BAA YouTube channel: