Exoplanet Online Workshop

Saturday 12th Nov 2022

Links to the videos of this workshop on YouTube can be found next to the session titles below.

On 12th Nov 2022 the BAA Asteroid and Remote Planets Section Exoplanet Division will be holding an online workshop on “EXPLORE – ExoPLanet Orbit REsearch An Introduction to the Project“.

Please follow this link to book a free ticket via Eventbrite to attend this workshop. To join the meeting you will need to login to Eventbrite, this will grant you access to a page with the Zoom link which will activate at 9:30.

Provisional Agenda

9:30                Zoom meeting opens

10:00-10:30  Introduction by Roger Dymock – https://youtu.be/RDfCe26Cad0

Exoplanet Division update
EXPLORE introduction

10:30-11:15  Ariel and ExoClock with Anastasia Kokori – https://youtu.be/xBMxSdLUO6k

Mission and observational efficiency
ExoClock – a model of pro-am collaboration

11:15-11:30  Break

11:30-12:15  EXPLORE Part 1 – Detecting exoplanets with Rodney Buckland – https://youtu.be/WAsN16-c0JQ

Searching databases

12:15-12:45 How to discover an exoplanet (telescope and camera not required) with Roger Dymock – https://youtu.be/8iwZ5SEyW-o

12:45-13:30  Lunch break

13:30-14:15  EXPLORE Part 2 with Martin Crow – https://youtu.be/ys8c7gSGxS4

Introduction to HOPS
Synchronous observations to detect shallow transits
Data mining transit observations for variable star photometry

14:15- 15:00  AstroImageJ with Richard Lee – https://youtu.be/_ylX0Ntmzws

An alternative to HOPS

Click to download a zip of the User Guide for the Observation Planner for AstroImageJ and sample files.

15:00-15:15  Break

15:15-15:45  Observing with robotic telescopes by Rodney Buckland – https://youtu.be/w9ekaQ7iJDA

15:45-16:00  EXPLORE NEEDS EXPLORERS with Roger Dymock – https://youtu.be/WJQOLyqMi0I

16:00-16:30  Q&A with Roger Dymock, Rodney Buckland and Martin Crow

16:30             Close

Link image to this page courtesy of NASA.

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